Your Roadmap to
Automated Accounting


Prepare Your Financials


Program & Customize


Plan Your Future in the Cloud

With Fint.Cloud, You Get:

Fixed Pricing

No surprises. You run your business for increased profits, why should unexpected accounting fees drain all your hard work?

CPA Expertise

Avoid expensive hourly rates for CPA expertise. Our monthly packages include access to expert advice, no extra costs.

Personal Attention

Dedicated account managers that know your business needs to ensure you (and your hard earned cash) are getting the care you deserve.

Accounting Automation

All we need is your bank statement. It?s really that simple!

Audit Fears, No More

We make your business audit-proof! No more digging through boxes bursting with crumbled, faded receipts. Everything is digitized right from the start.

Easy Transition

Move from time-consuming outdated processes to our system, seamlessly.

Save Hours of Frustration and Stress Each Month

Painless accounting and bookkeeping done by us.
No more long, boring meetings with your accountant.

Here’s what we offer

Bookkeeping Services

Includes taxation and payrollAccess to accurate income and expense data.

No manual recordkeeping? We manage everything.

Reconcile all your accounts (credit card, PayPal and banking).

File taxes accurately and on time.

Preparation of annual financial statements.

Free direct deposits & completed T4 forms.

Quarterly and annual payroll tax payments & filings.

You don’t even have to know how accounting works. That’s our job.

Automated Accounting

Includes system design & set-up

Identify pain points and bottlenecks.

Build an accounting solution using systems, apps and integrations.

Remove redundancies.

Implement your new system on a date that works for you.

Dedicated support post-launch.

Have confidence in making business decisions based on current, accurate financials.