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Self-introduction and the entrepreneurship lifestyle

So what does the lifestyle of a full-time entrepreneur in the tech industry look like?  That varies vastly, but I think most people associate this with rolling out of bed at whatever time, working out of hip coffee shops and going to tech events.  It’s the cool part of my job, but it isn’t a real depiction of what I do most of the time.  This blog post is largely dedicated to those who want a more comprehensive look at what my entrepreneur life is like beyond the rosy highlights on my Instagram account.  So what exactly is it that I do?

Self Introduction

I think it’s important to re-introduce yourself on your social platform from time to time, especially when there are new followers.  So here is my self-introduction: My name is Jenny Tran and I am the founder and president of Fint Cloud Accounting.  My company uses finance technology to make bookkeeping and accounting easy for small business owners.  I lead a team of really cool people who all work with me virtually.



Daily Schedule

Even though I can roll out of bed and work at any time, I don’t just work whenever I feel like it. A schedule helps me stay disciplined and productive.  My working hours are similar to those working in a normal office with flex hours; 9am to 5pm roughly with a lot of extra overtime.  On the weekends, I like my extravagant hipster brunches.


A challenge for me and I’m sure for many entrepreneurs is figuring out what the right thing to do is on a daily basis in order to move your initiative or organization forward.  I see many aspiring entrepreneurs who set out to accomplish big things, but then get stuck reading books and going tech events endlessly.  As an entrepreneur, there isn’t that simple validation of what you are doing is right from another person.  I could easily become that entrepreneur that never gets anything done, and there would be nobody to tell me not to do that until it’s too late.  Every day I question whether what I am doing is getting me closer to what I want to accomplish, and I try to seek validation through mentors and others who have been in my shoes.


Social Activities

Being in Toronto, there is no shortage of business networking and tech events.  I’m selective of which events I go to now.  Whether I go to an event or not now is a function of how fun it is, how relevant it is and if food is involved.  Events are hit or miss, but if there’s good food served then that always makes things better.  I’m a huge foodie and have written over 300 Yelp reviews over ten years.  I also get invited to a lot of food events.  My company’s very first client came from a casual conversation at a food event, but generally speaking, events are not how I acquire clients.

I try to keep healthy and maintain an active lifestyle.  I used to like trying different fad diets, but I’ve been doing intermittent fasting now for roughly 6 months.  I love rock climbing and would generally say yes to most physical activities if asked to join.


Social Media

Being on social media is a large part of my life.  I’ve always been an entertainer, a story teller amongst my friends and social media provides me with an outlet of telling stories.  I embrace this creative outlet, and like many entertainers, I am set on growing an audience.  I also recognize the power of social media presence as a business and more recently I am working on finding a way to create a personal brand that is fun and can bring more personality to my business.

I see my social media presence as being an important part of my growing business.  This is totally unconventional for an accounting practice, but I think of my business as being more than just an accounting practice.  I want my business to motivate others to embrace entrepreneurship.  I am grateful for every social media like, tweet, direct message that I get.  I see each positive social media interaction as a message of support for what I am doing.

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